Sunday Brunch At Marie Callender’s Morgan Hill

Last week Zaira and I went to Marie Callender’s on Cochrane for dinner and on the way in noticed that they serve breakfast. I’ve complained here before about the minimal number of sit-down breakfast offerings here in Morgan Hill, so this was pretty exciting news to us. Unfortunately, she slept in ’til 10:30 yesterday (too much dancing the night before) so we were too late for breakfast. Instead we headed over this morning.

It turns out on Sunday’s they have brunch from 8am to 2pm.  I’ve never been a big fan of brunch, but we gave it a go anyway.  Unfamiliar with how it works at Marie Callender’s we were a little confused when the hostess took us into the dining room without menus.  Then we noticed the silver serving platters and the same thought raced through both our heads: buffet!

Selections included: biscuits & gravy, eggs benedict, make your own omelet, waffles, pancakes, sausage, ham, salmon filet, quiche, refried beans, chicken fajitas, chips ‘n’ salsa, chicken enchiladas, ice cream, a selection of cakes, pies and brownies and an intriguing “scrambled egg lasagna” which had no sign and I’m not sure how to describe, other than “delicious”.  I made Zaira try eggs benedict which she (predicatbly) didn’t like.  Everything else was on the high side of good, with nothing quite reaching the excellent level.

All was good until the bill came.  I had made a crack about how they weren’t letting us know how much anything cost in advance, but choked on that statement when the total breakfast for two cost $35!  Wow, it wasn’t remotely that good.  So we won’t be attending brunch at Marie Callender’s again anytime soon, though we still plan to try out their normal breakfast menu one of these days.

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